jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Last day in Barcelona Spain

Today was our last day in Spain.  We leave tomorrow morning for France.  People have asked us our impressions of Spain.  They are mixed.   Pros:  Lovely people who can't speak English (for which I do not blame them at all!).  A country that is very into celebrations and food.  Lovely weather, especially coming from the Midwest this winter.  Inexpensive wine. Very family oriented. Fairly clean with good services, bus, train, etc.  Cons:  Language barrier is harder here than other places we have been. Tremendous numbers of people on the street (very crowded) so it is hectic. Food is abundant but tastes a lot alike.

Would we come back? Not any time soon.  We are glad we came, but are glad to be moving on. Maybe we are just too old for all the late night tapas crawl, etc.

This morning we got up and walked the entire Ramblas, the seaport, and then back again.  It was a beautiful day, about 60 degrees and bright sun, so it was perfect for a walk.  The Ramblas is a dried up riverbed which is now a main drag throughout the tourist part of the city.  We have been on it before, but today we walked the length. Saw the Columbus monument, the port, all the fishing boats, lots of people out and about.  We came back and crashed for an hour or so and then off to the ElAnglais department store.  Went to the top for some great views and a glass of wine.
 Met some people from Manchester England (big soccer match here against Manchester and Barcelona).  Then they left and another family came from Toronto.  Fun to visit with them too.

Back to our little room, going to make an early night of it. We leave about 10 tomorrow so have to get up and out of here.  Good night!