jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Friday, April 4, 2014

Paris Airport

Bonjour for the last time.  We are in the Paris Airport with our bags checked in and sitting at gate A38.  I have the little Web Trotter portable modem on (works great) and will catch you up on our last few days.  We are really anxious to come home and get back to normal, but also leave with such a fondness for this country, that we are always have mixed emotions.

Wednesday Kristine took off without us (we told her to) to see some galleries and just to window shop.  Jerry and I were tired and needed to do some personal gift shopping for the kids, and for me.  Took the metro to Printemps, which is a big high end department store like Sacks or Macy's used to be.

US Embassy

Even tho Jerry would like you to believe he bought the jewelry here, he did not.

My ring and necklace.  What a guy!

Wednesday night we treated Kristine to a really nice meal at La Gazette.  We all got dolled up and went over at 8:30.

 It was like old home week.  The Maitre d welcomed us like we were old friends and our Waiter from Friday night shook our hands and asked when we were leaving.  I introduced Kristine, big buddies now.  Jerry and I decided to share an entree (in France, that is the first course not main).  Pate du foie gras that was slightly heated and then had a sauce of verjuice (slightly tart).

We've eaten a lot of delicious food here, but this rated right up there at the top.
Kristine had the same salad I had on Friday with oranges and hummus.

Then the main course (Plat). Jerry and Kris both had the Dory (fish) with vegetables and I had the duck breast.  Again, just great.

sorbet for dessert. Kris Raspberry

Jean Lemon

Jerry Mango
Fun night.  Home about 11:00.

Next morning was Kris' last day.  She went to another gallery, we went walking.  Another beautiful 70 degree day.  Kris left and we cleaned the apartment and went out for dinner at del Papas on the corner.  We had a lovely starter of shrimps and salad, and a Scallopini with Marsala sauce.

still have their eyes on them Sara! but they were good.
Up at 6:30 AM.  EEEKKKK!
Now just a long flight home with a stop in Dallas.  Home tonight (Friday) at 9:00 Iowa Time.  4:00 AM Paris time.  We will be whipped puppies for a while but will survive.  So happy to be able to share this trip with all of you.  It has been such fun writing to you.  Au Revoir!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Last Blog from Paris!

Hi there everyone, this really is not the last blog from Paris, but the last one from the apartment.  We have discovered that our Internet Web Trotter is running out of memory and we don't want to pay another 30 euros for the last day, so we will say goodbye for now and catch you up on Friday from the FREE INTERNET at the Airport.

We have had such fun on our last part of this trip.  Lot of park bench sitting, and sandwich eating (french bread with chicken and brie).  Today Jerry and I went to Printempts (department store) and he bought me a ring and necklace to remember our trip.  Whataguy!

We (Kristine, Jerry, and I) are going out to a fancy dinner tonight at La Gazette around the corner.  Kris leaves to go back to Amsterdam tomorrow and Jerry and I are here one more night to pack, and clean up the apartment, then take off to the airport on Friday.

I can hardly believe the trip is almost over, yet I am anxious to get back to you all and our house.  It  has been a fabulous trip.  More on Friday!!!! A bientot!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Amazing time with Kristine

Monday we wen to the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery. When it comes to name-dropping this cemetery is #1.  It has been called the "grandest address in Paris".  Everyone who is anyone want to be buried here.  Sarah Bernhardt to Oscar Wilde.  And for every American, where is Jim Morrison from the Doors buried?  Right here.  Light my fire.

We thought this was Chopin ....not so, but cute

This is Chopin

Is this figure trying to get in? or out?

French Resistance

 Memorials to the holocaust victims.

Oscar Wilde

A couple we met in the cemetery from New Jersey, Dennis and Aleida

Snookie, Your long lost  relatives


Then at 6:00 we left for the opera in Paris!!!! There are 2 in Paris and we went to the modern one, Paris Bastille.  Holds 2,800 people.  Sold out.  We saw La Boheme.  Fabulous!!!

huge theater

Came home and slept like dogs.

Today we turned Kristine loose and we did nothing!!! Well we did, but NO STEPS!  My knees are barking. Off to see the icon of Paris the Eiffel Tower.

Bee hives in the park  Luxemburg Gardens.  So many flowers.

soccer game in the park....chairs for goals

 We watched a boules game.  Which is like Bocce ball.  These guys obviously play every day.
boules in the park.  This is a serious game!

Arguing about the points.

guy in the front has a powerful magnet and a string to pick up his ball

Napoleon' s tomb

Jerry thought this group was cool

Rolex watch with diamonds that I bought for Jerry.
Then we met Kris for a drink and Jerry had Oysters.

This is the smallest clown elevator ever.  We 3 just barely fit in it.

We had fun today.  Tomorrow who knows.  It was April fools day and we tried to trick people but it didn't work very well...oh well.  Au Revoir!