jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Last Blog from Paris!

Hi there everyone, this really is not the last blog from Paris, but the last one from the apartment.  We have discovered that our Internet Web Trotter is running out of memory and we don't want to pay another 30 euros for the last day, so we will say goodbye for now and catch you up on Friday from the FREE INTERNET at the Airport.

We have had such fun on our last part of this trip.  Lot of park bench sitting, and sandwich eating (french bread with chicken and brie).  Today Jerry and I went to Printempts (department store) and he bought me a ring and necklace to remember our trip.  Whataguy!

We (Kristine, Jerry, and I) are going out to a fancy dinner tonight at La Gazette around the corner.  Kris leaves to go back to Amsterdam tomorrow and Jerry and I are here one more night to pack, and clean up the apartment, then take off to the airport on Friday.

I can hardly believe the trip is almost over, yet I am anxious to get back to you all and our house.  It  has been a fabulous trip.  More on Friday!!!! A bientot!

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