jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We're Off!

Well the day has finally arrived.  The endless packing, unpacking, repacking, lists, more lists, and sleeplessness is over and we are on our way.  We left Manchester this morning at 8AM and drove to Corey and Jolaine's house in Fairbank.  There, Corey and little Duncan, brought us to the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids.  We arrived in good time, checked through to Madrid (so much easier to go through security here) and are now waiting patiently for our flight to Dallas.  There we will have a short layover and then the overnight flight to Madrid.  We will arrive there (if on time) at 10:30 AM there time on Wednesday the 26th (3:20 AM here).

The temperature here is 0 degrees F.  The temperature in Madrid today is 53 degrees F.  Woopie!  I have packed my down coat, and am hoping a fleece will be all I need (if anything).  Jerry, always the pessimist, is still wearing his puffer coat, but that might be just for convenience.  We both look like Johnny Cash, dressed almost all in black.  And I am relieved that this day has finally come.  Such planning and excitement and worry and planning....almost ready to get STARTED!

We have scaled down even more this time.  Each of us has one suitcase, mine 24", Jerry 26".  I have Bobbi'e red tote bag with this computer in, along with slippers, my fleece, my kindle and a file folder with all the confirmations in it.  Jerry has his "murse" (man purse) with his travel books to read on the plane and today's Gazette and Register.

In my suitcase I have 3 pairs of black slacks, 1 pr. jeans, 1 capri pant, 6 shirts (again probably too many) various socks and underwear, a bathing suit, 2 scarves, 1 other pair of shoes, and a sweater.  Everything goes with black or is black.  Jerry, likewise, has 3 pr. pants, 4 shirts, some t-shirts, the obligatory underwear and socks, and no other shoes.  But he has more books with him, so my suitcase is smaller and lighter.  :-)  Each time we go, we take less.  Maybe next time I will travel with a backpack with just one change of clothes.

I have found, no one knows us, or cares what we look like.  We wash clothes like at home about once a week, and we don't need a lot of "stuff".  Of course, this time, I am taking more "Mary Kay" makeup, and a Norwex Envirocloth and window cloth.  Can't live without them!

More post when we get somewhere, but wanted you to know we are on the way.  Pray Jerry gets some sleep on the plane.  We paid for 5" EXTRA room, so I hope that helps.  Adios!

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