jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Monday, March 10, 2014

Barcelona - What a place

We have left Valencia this morning and are now in Barcelona at the nice Hotel Nouvel that was recommended by Chris Mundy and her Spanish students.  We had a hell of a time getting here because again, the cab drivers spoke no English and we did not have the correct address for the hotel (wasn't on the internet site) so we took a round about way to get here, but here we are.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a hang out and do laundry day, but we managed to get out for a walk, and Jerry had a snack.  My stomach said....NO!  but I did have a diet coke.  It was quite cool on Sunday, and all of Valencia was out with their families.
traveling requires laundry every so often

We have talked about the Fallas celebration coming up and really as far as we can see it has already started. Firecrackers are everywhere, little kids, like 4 years old, are lighting firecrackers and throwing them while their families are walking down the street.  It is wild!  And the crowds!!!  Kind of like being at Kinnick Stadium on a Saturday game day, only you don't speak the language, and don't know anything about what is going on.  It was an odd feeling, and not necessarily a good one.

Some of the Tintos which are the effigies that they burn at the end of Fallas


one of the remaining towers of the walled city

Oldest Church


After a long walk, we went back, set the alarm, packed, and prepared to leave this nice apartment for Barcelona.  We arrived at the train early, and waited for our 11:18 train ride.  Not as fast this time, because it made several stops.  But it was beautiful.

Pretty boring, right?  Ok, enough with train pictures (they were for Tracy DeLong).

Ate here, right across the street

Free Wi Fi so Jerry is checking scores

Seems odd to be in a hotel room after the apartments, we are kind of....crowded.  But, it will be fine for only 4 nights and we are right off the Ramblas, which is the big ped mall in the city.  Packed with people and I am sure we will have lots of photos for you tomorrow.  Our internet access is limited to an hour a day, so if you email us, we will get it but it might take a while to get back to you.  Looking forward to what everyone calls their "favorite" Spanish city.  Adios

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