jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bordeaux by Tram

Spring here!

Today we tackled the bus/tram system here.  In these big cities, public transportation is easy, but you must master the system, and everyone has a little different nuance.  We had bought a 7 day unlimited pass yesterday at a Tabac (tobacco shop that sells everything) and today we needed to test them out.

I said yesterday that this apartment is a little outside the main part of the city.  Why we rented it I do not know, but we did and we are here.  It was the first one we rented for this trip, and possibly we were trying to save some money, but a more central location would have been easier.  Anyway, the bus stop is 2 blocks away, and found out that that takes us directly to the tram on which you can go anywhere.  Groovy!

so you wait on the side that will take you the right direction

When it stops, you jump on and validate your ticket at a little machine

We got off in the center of town, just by the Gironde River (see yesterday's blog for the history) and started into the old town.  We had been at the TI (Tourist Information) office by the train station and had a few things to see, but mostly it was just a wander day.

cool and grey today, around 55. Good for walking

River front

American (or British) musicians on the street

Just about thinking about lunch and what do we see?
Our favorite!
So of course, we have to go in.  It was a pretty ritzy place, and we were just about under dressed, but it was great.

Penne pasta with Citron (lemon) and to DIE for beef in a fabulous sauce.

add a little red wine (Bordeaux of course) and some bread.  Happy Campers!
Little espresso.  I'm good to go.

We went to another TI and talked at length to a guy (in English) about wine tasting and vineyard tours.  We booked one for tomorrow.  Jerry was a little reluctant, but I said, "Hey, we're here.  We love wine." and he relented.  I am sure tomorrow night's blog will be all about our adventures on the mini-bus with 6 others touring 2 vineyards and tasting.

Bell tower - 228 steps up.  Needless to say, we did not go up

Found St Andre Cathedral built 13-1400's.  Classic gothic church.  Some parts are 4th century.

See the pointy tops on the arches?

Jerry buys a candle to light

For all the troubles people have

Clock in the church, never saw that before.

big big pipe organ

at least a block long from one end to another.  100 yards?

You can see this area has so much more weather from the condition of the bricks on the outside

 Ukrainian Protester 

Even here!

classic French street

All restaurants have menu outside
We went back to the river front.  They have a cool reflecting....pad....that shoots water.  It is cool.  I am sure in the summer the kids LOVE it.

So much public space that is so clean, and well kept.  We could learn from that book.

Trammed and bused back. Rested, ate in, but had a couple of great desserts before we turn in tonight.  Bon Nuit, mon cher.

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