jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Lovely Thursday in Bordeaux

Bon Jour!  We have just come home from "dinner" which turned out to be appetizers, way earlier than anyone here eats.  More about that later.

Such a fun day with nothing planned.  We left the apartment to bus and tram downtown.  Got off close to downtown and walked and walked.

Here is the inside of the city bus.  We were the first ones on.

Stick your pass in the top and it comes back out!

Our grocery store just 4 blocks away.  No fresh market here.

Breakfast of champions.  Chocolate Croissant, Cafe au Lait, and Earl Grey Tea

2 old French ladies catch up with the gossip

Down by the riverfront.  Beautiful 72 degrees

Flowers everywhere, and picnic ers

Decided to walk past the reflecting pad again.  This time it was misting.
So cool.  Connie,Dean,  Manchester needs one of these.

Walked some more, stopped, walked.  Found a place to eat lunch.  Today:  Salads to stay healthy!

Mine, Duck liver, pate du foie gras, jambon, white asparagus, and some lettuce.

Jerry's:  Saumon fume (smoked salmon), lettuce, caviar, and goat cheese

A pichet of red wine (Bordeaux) to wash it down. (3 glasses each).  Healthy, healthy, healthy.

Went into the wine store to get some for tonight and came back.  We did stop at the boulangerie (bakery) for a chocolate eclaire and strawberry tarte.  Gotta live!

After calling a bunch of people that were working, we went to a neighborhood ( 10 blocks) place to have some Oysters.  They were good.  The people there spoke little English. We spoke less French.  We ate oysters.
Haven't seen anything like this.

Of course, more wine.  Now home.  Really, time for bed.  Thanks for all the comments.  It keeps us going.  Tomorrow more Art.  Bon Nuit!

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