jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Friday, March 7, 2014

Oceanographic Museum

After a night of licking our wounds about being taken like babies in a candy store, we began the day anew with renewed energy and.....who's kidding who?  We got up around 10:30 and caught the bus to go to the (what I will forever call) scene of the crime.  We had already purchased expensive tickets for the Oceanographic Center and we were going to see it.  But, I must tell you I kept my eyes pealed for the dastardly duo (nowhere in sight) and was planning all kinds of ways of apprehending them.  Fortunately, for me, and for you, they were not there and I did nothing stupid.

As you could see from yesterday's photos this place is gorgeous from the outside.  Another perfect 74 degree day.

Fortunately, I was not one of the teachers taking in 60 million little kids to the museum.  Those days are over for good, I hope.

The museum is divided into 8 Climate zones:  Mediterranean Sea, Wetlands, Temperate, Tropical, The Red Sea, Antarctic and Arctic, General oceans.  Each one sort of an area of its own.  Huge, huge, huge, aquariums and tunnels, etc. with fish swimming all around.  I am not going to be able to name all the fish and mammals we saw but here are some.  Amazing place.

organs of a turtle, in case anyone is interested


I think this is a seal

Japanese Spider Crab

Human:  Drinking Coke light

mussels - yum

Sea lions - they were lots of fun to watch

Jerry figured out the water machine!!!!

Flowers are gorgeous

Dolphin tank


Sea Turtle

Sea Dragon

I cant remember what this is, but it was cool.


Buleuga Whales

Walrus- So HUGE

Life sized photo of a whale and little bitty Jerry


Tunnel with sharks all around

Mother whale nursing her baby.


Scarlet Ibis

A pretty impressive collection.  Saw thousands of more things, but these are the best pics.  Then we went over to the science museum, which is like all wonderful hands on science museums on steroids.  It is huge, and had we had more energy, or some kids with us it could have been a day in itself.

One cool thing outside on the plaza of the science museo were these big bubbles that you could pay 5 euro to roll around in.  Looked like fun but we didn't try it.  Kids were having a blast.

Lots of precautions but....

Jerry and I both thought this could be our next million (ok, our first million) at Breezy Point.  American kids would love this!  Always thinkin'. I mean, how much could these things cost?

Anyway, we rode the bus back home, happy and content and with all our belongings today.  We stopped for a slice of what the Spanish call pizza but really it is.....bad. and a fresh orange juice that they squeeze for you right there.  Came back to rest and are now planning dinner out.  Fallas celebrations are starting to heat up.  We are seeing more and more people in the city, and more carrying on....We leave on Monday, which will be just about right for us.  Thanks for all the good wishes after our adventure yesterday.  We are fine. Adios!  

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  1. What an amazingly wonderful trip you are taking. We are glued to the computer, waiting for the next installment each day. By the way, you both look fantastic! Life as a gypsy is agreeing with you! :-D


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