jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bonjour from beautiful France!

Bonjour mes amies!  We are back in our favorite place, la belle France.  But let me catch you up on our travel to get here.

Last night, we went to a crazy place to eat. It was an Asian fast food and it was so cool.  Jerry and I are totally doing this when we get home with left overs.  Right in the middle of the Carefour grocery store just down from our hotel was a place that cooked Asian to order.  Let me see if I can explain.
First, choose noodles(lots of kinds) or rice
Then one protein and a vegetable, then a sauce.  They have hot, spicy, sweet,

This guy takes your list and assembles all the ingredients into a takeout box - raw

This guy takes a little oil and dumps all the takeout box into his wok

Then the sauce

Stir it up - you pay 5 euros.  Fabulous!  2 minutes at the most.

such fun, and Good!  You could have something different every night.  :0)

Came back and packed and set the alarms again.  Took a 10:30 train from Barcelona station to Carcassonne, France.   Geography lesson again.

We were in Barcelona, Spain.  We traveled up through the Pyrenees Mountains. We got to Narbonne France and then headed a little West.   I slept and read , but Jerry took some pictures.

We arrived in Carcassonne at about 3:00 PM.  It was warm....really warm, and jumped into a taxi and came to our lovely hotel :  Hotel Montmorecy.  

Jerry in front of the hotel, I turn around and Voila!

The walled city

tiny but very nice

Outdoor patio with furniture just for us

Olympic sized bathtub

Off we went to see why we came.  Carcassone , a roman outpost, and city that they built.  In the 725AD it became a defensive site during the feudal period.  It is the best preserved fortified medieval city in the world.  From the pictures you will see it has a deep and wide trench all around, then an outer wall, and even stronger inner wall.  Inside that is a fortified castle.  It is 2 km. all around.  Many armies tried to overcome it, but none were successful including Charlemagne.  It has been the site for movies, such as Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, and others.  We only got  a brief look before the afternoon sun abandoned us, but more details tomorrow.  Jerry is like a little kid.  There are all kinds of little boys and girls with swords and dressed up like knights.  It is very touristy, but so cool.  So this is for Liam, Finn, Duncan, Cooper, and Parker, our little knights.
The moat

The entrance

We stopped for a lunch because we hadn't eaten much since ....last night.  I had a croque monsieur and Jerry had a salad and french fries (and yes, they really are better here than anywhere.)

Such an interesting place

Real swords in every store Cooper!

We came back to the hotel and rested and researched restaurants for dinner. They light this place up at night and we wanted to wait until it got dark. 

 Picked one called Adelaide, which was wonderful. The medieval city is like a Rat maze inside, but we found it.   I had French Onion Soup and Jerry had chocolate ice cream.  Of course we shared a pichet (pee - chay) of house red wine.

While there we struck up a conversation with a couple who were eating something called Cassoulet so we started talking.  Their English was great and it turns out they were from Andora.  So now, geography students, first one who can tell Mr. Emlet where Andora is, wins extra credit.  Put your answer in the comment section.  We have met a lot of people in Europe, but never anyone from Andora.  They are following the blog, so don't disappoint Jerry by not answering.

Well, it is well past my bedtime, and I know I have a lot of castle looking going on tomorrow.  Au Revoir!


  1. I/m sure your little knights are in awe. Enjoying all the history and the maps help me a great deal. Working on income tax here so love the distraction. Dee Ann


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