jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Living in the 13th century...yeah, not so much.

Hello all! We spent the day at the Walled city.  Went to the castle first.  Whoa baby.  Glad I didn't live in the 12th century.  Stone, open windows, it was windy today and it was all we could do to hang on.  Lots and lots of pictures today to help you see the immensity of this place.

between the inner and outer walls

arrow slits

There are 54 of these towers.  We went to every one.
We walked all of the ramparts (the upper part of the inner wall, which is 2 km around and just about as many flights of steps up and then down and then up again.  Consider it our step master workout today.

people dressed up playing knights

walls were thick

timber framed building

It was a fun, long walk.  Then we went to the Cathedral.  Scenes along the street before we got there.
Thought this would be a good sign for Starmont


The castle and the cathedral is also inside the city walls.  It is very old, typical gothic construction with a center aisle and 2 transepts.

center aisle looks built like a loaf of bread


13th century stained glass

sorry this is bad, but no flash, and it was so beautiful

side aisles that look like smaller loaves of bread

tree of Jesse

Interior ribbing, which means about 14 century


St. Francis

Jerry has now been in so many Catholic Basilicas that he has converted, which I know will make the Louks happy.  However, while in the church, his beloved cell phone fell out of his pocket and it is LOST.  He is heartbroken.  No more Facebook posts.  No more Words with Friends.  Poor Jerry.

Ok, Boys, here is your sword fix.  About every 5 feet there is a store that sells swords, helmets, and maces

Above ground cemetery

Look at all those plus signs

More punishment that should be reinstated

Front of our hotel

5 PM parade of characters dressed up

It was a fun day, if you ignore the cell phone loss, and we are pooped.  Tomorrow we leave here about noon and train to Bordeaux, France where we will stay a week.  We have really enjoyed our time here but we have walked all over this place, many times.  Time to go.

No one has responded to the Andora question.  Come on!!!!  Look it up.  Where is Andora?  If the correct answer comes from one of my Grandchildren there is a $10.00 bill in it for you.  I know you all know how to use the internet.  You are disappointing Mr. Emlet.

Travel day tomorrow.  See you in Bordeaux.  A bientot!  

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  1. What a fun day! I can just see a much younger Kevin Costner as Robin Hood walking those ramparts.*sigh* Sorry about Jerry's cell phone. Maybe some trustworthy young knight shall return it to the poor guy!


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