jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bonjour from Paris!

Well, we have arrived at our final destination....Paris, our favorite place in the world, except Pelican Lake!  We took the train up this morning from Tours.  We enjoyed our time in Tours.  Yesterday was a real  relaxing day.  I made an appointment for a manicure up the street from the hotel (no easy feat, since they did not have the FAINTEST idea what I was talking about with "acrylic" and "shellac").

 First we went to the Cathedral St Gatien. Started in the 1100's and finished in the 1500's. The towers are 87 meters high and 97 meters long.

Huge pillars

Gothic columns

Birth of Christ relief

stained glass was amazing!

Rose Window done in the 13th century.

It was pretty impressive for  a little town like Tours. 

 Then we went to get a sandwich, which was a Donner Kebab today.  

The old part of town.  Full of timber framed buildings like in Normandy

some sculpture

Found a kitchen store, then some hot chocolate for Jerry

Found a hair salon that I could pronounce the name, and took the plunge and went in.  They cut my hair and it is not bad.  So new nails, and new hair.  I am good to go!

Had a great dinner last night at Bistro Rossini which had a plate of fish and scallops with Burre Blanc sauce.  OMG!  The new Hollandaise!  Dessert was death by chocolate....chocolate cake, chocolate brownie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate macaroon,  and Cream Anglaise.  That wasn't too bad either.

 We are eating well finally since we got to France.

This morning got up and packed and hit the train to Paris.  Jerry took some photos of the trains before we left.

Took a taxi from Gare Montparsse to Don Drapeau's apartment on the other side of the river.  Traffic was bad because turns out the Chinese President is here.  Lots of streets blocked off, etc. but we made it.

Donald's apartment is in a quiet neighborhood in the 16th Arr.  We have stayed here before, and we just love it!  It really feels like home and it was fun to come back.  Here are some pictures, for those of you who haven't seen previous ones.
living room

kitchen - dishwasher, washing machine, 2 burners

beautiful bathroom

Bedroom with big window

looking out the bedroom window to the living room window

It is small by any standards, what the French call a "pied a terre" which is a working apartment for during the week, and then they might live outside the city with their family.  It is perfect for us!!!!! And it is a "French" neighborhood, so there is a bakery, meat shoppe, fruit & veg. store, etc.

Our mission was to go out to find internet for the apartment since Donald no longer keeps one going.  After a few tries and fails we found a company called SFR which had something called a "web trotter" which you plug in the wall and you get internet.  Magic!  So we are set up for blogging and trip advisor, which we cannot live without.

Next:  Wine and a sandwich at a cafe.

Then to the stores...remember there are get, pate, bread, wine, strawberries, and chocolate.  Back to apartment for eat in dinner.  Wow.

Probably won't blog everyday here....we will see.  Jolaine Mast wins the tree riddle from Yesterday.  It was mistletoe in the trees.  She wins the prize of free babysitting for life.   A bientot!  

PS: Amanda and Franka. We are in Paris as you can see and would enjoy meeting you ladies again. Leave a reply to today's blog and name a time and place and we will meet you there.

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