jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Louve and Chartes Cathedral

Good morning!  Today you get 2 ---2----2 blogs in one! (if you don't get that you are not as old as I am).  Thursday about noon, we took off from the apartment, walked 4 blocks and got onto the Metro headed for the Louvre.  It is sort of a MUST see right away if you're in Paris, and although it was beastly crowded and we have been there 4 times before, it never disappoints.

Lines to get in can be avoided by buying tickets at the Tabac before you go in

Spring lots of people

We overheard an English tour guide say:  "If you look at every thing in the Louvre for 2 seconds, it would take you 2 1/2 weeks to go through it".  Needless to say, you cannot see everything, and almost everyone starts in the Denon wing which houses the crown jewels of the Louvre.

You have to fight your way up to the front, but a Japanese woman took our picture

wrestling match with Angles

Napoleon in his famous pose

Delacroix - Liberte

Can't remember the name of this one but it is great

Lady Venus d Milo


Dying slave by Michelangelo

Psyche and Cupid by Canova
 Then you just wander.  The Louvre was a palace and the building itself is just beautiful.  Of course one of the great things is you get to wander right up to the beautiful paintings and sculptures.

ceilings are fabulous

The three nymphs

Even cuticles on the do they do that in marble?

We saw this last year at the Uffitzi.  



so gorgeous!

Ok. Enough of that.  Tired, hot, exhausted and filled up with art, we came back to the neighborhood and had a pichet of wine (50 cl) and chips at the corner, then came home to rest.
Walk through the Tulleries

Everyone is out enjoying the day

The Arc du Triomphe....just up the street from our apartment

The Chinese President is here, so the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

He was in the area so the Champs Elysee was closed for a few minutes 

Normally this could never happen with the 6 lanes of traffic

Hot car

 Decided on dinner out later.   About 9:00 we went out.  We went to an old favorite around the corner, Belinis.  Which is actually an Italian place.  Hasn't changed a bit since 2005.  I had Languostine Rissoto, and Jerry had the house special pasta that they prepare at the table.  And Chianti Classico, of course, Italian wine.

In this huge wheel of Parmesan he pours lit Cognac to melt some of the cheese

Then he adds the hot pasta and stirs it up

Adds black pepper and Voila!

It was a good meal.  We finished with sorbet and Lemonchello.  Fun night!

Friday we took a train out 50 miles to Chartes, France. Which only has one claim to fame that we know about....the famous Chartes Cathedral.  Built in the early days, burned in 1157, rebuilt in Gothic times within 60 years (not 400 like so many) so the architecture is very cohesive.  And it is gorgeous.

Jerry and the "guys" at the Brasserie we ate lunch at

So pretty

The left spire was built in 1257, the right one survived the fire so it is much earlier

I'm just going to show the pictures because it speaks for itself.

These are 12th century stain glass windows that were removed during the war and kept safe, then re-leaded and put back in

There are 4 rose windows

This is at the back of the church.  If you could lay it down it would fit in ......

this, which is called the labyrinth.  It is a puzzle that people walk on to say prayers.
We of course, just walked over it because we are so stupid.

The choir which looks like wood carving but it is stone

Our lady of the Pillar

each section tells a different Bible story

Piece of Mary's veil

Pillars are HUGE

The blue Mary

18th century altar piece of the assumption

Jerry lights another candle

Really amazing.  Went to catch the train back but had to wait a little.

This is for Doug and Sara.....Sauterne

Had reservations at a new place in the neighborhood.  La Gazette.  Amazing service and food.  More about that on the next post.  Ciao!


  1. Hello! What arrondissement is your apartment in? Do you know the name of the picture with the young woman floating in the water, or the artist? Very beautiful and arresting. We think eating at Belinis looks fabulous! Your pictures of your dinner look scrumptious. When you return home, you are more then welcome to fix us pasta in a cheese wheel! Have a great night! :-D

    1. We are right on the edge of the sixteenth and seventeenth. Jerry says you buy the big wheel of parmesan and we'll bring the pasta. Let me find the name and artist and I'll get back to you! Au revoir.


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