jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hola from Valencia!

Hello from Sunny Valencia, Spain.  Home of those famous Oranges.  And....what did we see as we approached the city?  Oranges! And vegetables, and vineyards, and olive groves.  There really is life under all of that snow you guys have.

A little Geography lesson again.  We started in Madrid, which is in the center of Spain, and took the fast train to Valencia which is on the Mediterranean Sea.

We will stay here a week, and leave next Monday the 10th of March,  First the train ride.  Jerry slept poorly again with a tummy ache (you did read what we ate last night) so we were slow to get moving.  But moving we did get and were out of the apartment by 10:20.  We went up to the corner with our two purple suitcases and hailed a cab.  Again, English, nada.  But we had the train station written down on an index card and he was fine.  We had purchased the tickets the other day, so we just had to wait.

The Madrid train station had a terrorist attack around 911 time so it is beautiful and very peacefully secure now.  One thing they have is an indoor atrium with palm trees and water. And....thousands of Turtles!  Really pretty place.  Much better than that horrible frozen wasteland last year in Lyon.  Here are a few pictures and explanations of train travel for those of you that have never done it.  

Really, this is just a few of the turtles.  The whole middle section is full of them.  

After you get there, your train destination is posted on an electronic board.  40 minutes before your train you can go through security and wait at the top of the station.  When your train is ready to board the gate comes up and you proceed there.  There are 15 gates at this station so sometimes you have a long walk.  This time we did not.  Remember, there is no checking luggage, so you are responsible to lug it yourself.  Travel light. 

This time our car was #12, which is almost always at the END of the train, and it was.  But the service originated in Madrid, so we had plenty of time.  Sometimes you only have 10 minutes and really have to hustle.

front of the train . pretty low to the tracks.

The trains are great!  They are clean, quiet, roomy, have a bathroom, show a movie if you want, Have a bar and restaurant, and go about 182 mph.  What a great way to travel! 

 Jerry took a few pics out the window as we were whizzing by. Spain is on a high plateau (Madrid is highest capital in Europe) and the land looks like western North and South Dakota.  Dry high chaparral would be the geography according to Jerry  But there is no snow!
There was some sort of reservoir here.


Arrived right on time (another good thing about trains) found a taxi and came to our apartment.
Yes, Virginia, those are orange trees.

Sub tropical so palm trees.
Our apartment was one we found through a British outfit called HolidayLettings.  The owner was here to meet us, showed us around, and left us with the keys.  What a system!  Here is what it looks like.  Really nicest place we have ever rented.
Living room area with balcony

All brand new appliances - Bosh

Hallway into the bathroom/bedroom

queen sized bed and another small balcony


shower no bathtub

second bedroom

from the balcony to the left

to the right

Bobbi's bag is enjoying the 70 degree weather

This is an old Roman  trading post


Found a grocery, bought some pasta and cheese and are eating in tonight to get Jerry's tummy on the mend.  Tomorrow we will go to their indoor market, which is the largest indoor market in Europe.  Can't wait.  Also hope to get a glimpse of the Sea and eat some Paella and wear short sleeved shirts.  Early night for us both tonight.  Love hearing from you.  Adios!


  1. Your apartment is adorable! I LOVE it. Seriously, that is the way to travel Europe. Well, hosels are, but I do not think you would like those! :) I hope that Jerry gets feeling better. I know that can be a bummer on a trip. All is well in Iowa. Cold as heck, but as we all know, Spring WILL be here. When it gets here the wait will be all the more worth it. Drink a glass of wine for me! Love you both!

  2. Hello at last! Valencia looks exactly as it's name sounds. What a beautiful city, and your apartment is charming! Garry and I have decided we could easily live there. We are really enjoying your travelogue and can hardly wait for the next installment. Your photos are perfect. :-)


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