jerry and jean

jerry and jean

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Valencia - What a place

What a fun day.  Started at the largest indoor market in Europe.  985 Vendors each day from 7 - 2 pm. Amazing.  It is only 2 blocks from our apartment so we got our walking shoes on and started out.  It is mostly fresh food that you have to cook, in contrast to the markets in Italy and France where you could get already prepared food.  So, we were only on a looking expedition, since I am not interested in preparing a roast chicken, or pig, or whatever. Even toast is sort of a stretch.  I'm thinkin' let's go out.

onions are peeled for you.  I'd buy from him.

I don't know what these are in the foreground and don't want to know. They look like puppies.  The farthest bin is chicken feet.  Really.

Fresh juice that they squeeze for you.  I had blood orange juice today.  1 Euro.

All sorts of pig parts, snouts, stomachs

feet, ears, lungs

Finally something that I could eat.

and drink


Chips are everywhere.  Jerry is in heaven.

quail, back center.


3 rows of fish market.  Smelled terrible.

Cigalas?  Shrimp, lobster?  Huge?

Clams and crabs

Calamara (squid)

Isn't he an ugly sucker?

More mushrooms
By the time we had walked through all of that, Jerry's touchy stomach needed a rest, and I was starving.  Bought a Donner Kebab on the street and came back to eat it at the apartment.

Donner:  Grilled meat, lettuce, tomato, onion , cheese, sauce, in a pita.  OMG!

We headed out to the Cathedral.  Built in 13th to 15th century it houses (supposedly) The Holy Grail (Christ's cup at the Last Supper).  It is thought to have been brought to Spain in the 4th Century.  Also behind the alter is the left arm of St. Vincent, who was martyred in Valencia in 304 AD.  It was cool to see. 

St. Vincent's arm

Seven of the twelve apostles.  The others are on the other side.  

The chalice

The weather here is 70 degrees and bright sun, so we needed a change of clothes.  Came back and put on lighter clothes and NO COAT!!!!! and headed on the bus to the Mediterranean Sea.

We saw the sea last year at St. Marie del la Mer in France, but this is a beach like no other.  It was windy but beautiful.  And I want you all to know we went in the sea for YOU dear readers.  It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it. 

Sorry Seth the nude was further down and and we were too tired to walk that far. Maybe tomorrow.

Sat here and had a pitcher of Sangria and beer.  Right on the beach.  Delightful!

Retraced the bus route.  Met a woman and her three kids from Michigan who is living here while her husband works for an auto parts....something. Really nice to speak American. They have been here for 2 years and another one to go.  What a nice lady.   She had her hands full with a 7 year old, 5 year old, and 2 year old.  :-)

 We are now at the apartment getting you caught up.    It is 19:36 right now, so 7:30 and we will get ready to go out for dinner.  I'm thinking Paella.   We will take some pictures for you.  More later.

22:40 Fun dinner out just a few blocks away.  The owner of the apartment said, go north to the ramparts, then turn right and it is right there.  Perfect directions, wouldn't work in Manchester, but perfect here.  The restaurant was called Canela.  Traditional Spanish food.  We had a darling waiter named Juan (but all the waiters were Juan too) who had spent some time in England so his English was GOOD!  It was nice to speak English.  He helped with the order.  We had:  Camembert Cheese with blueberries, Stuffed red peppers with seafood mousse, seafood paella, and of course some really nice Tempernillo wine 2009.  
Camembert on the right and an amuse bouche on the slate of Calamari and ink .  Yum!

Red peppers with Seafood Mousse and paprika/red pepper sauce.

Paella.  You eat it right out of the pan.

This guy is talking to you Sara and Carrie!

Such a nice meal.  now back to the apartment to crash.  Valencia is not nearly as hectic as Madrid.  Very quiet streets.  Can't wait for tomorrow and that is not a bad way to be.  :-)  Buenos Noches.


  1. Please don't eat any puppies.

    It is 2 degrees with 5 inches of fresh snow today, so I am very jealous to hear of 70 degree weather. Thanks for the post and can't wait to see more!!

  2. Don't worry, I'm not cooking anything.


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